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Welcome to ANIMA

Universal artist André Heller's opulent, two-hectare botanical staging is a magical place of sensuality, of wonder, of contemplation, of joy, of healing, and of inspiration. For people of all ages who want to experience the unforgettable.

Experience paradise

Visitors stroll along shady paths, between sumptuous trees and shrubs, blossom and fragrant wonders, pavilions and sculptures, with breathtaking views of the often snow-capped Atlas Mountains featuring the 4167 metre high Mount Toubkal.


What the press says:

"ANIMA is like a color-, aroma- and hearing-intensive, walkable image of a garden."

— Andrea Schurian

"In five years a densely planted garden was created, which in many ways has the appearance of a fifty-sixty-year-old park."

— Karl Riffert


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Free shuttle bus from Marrakech to ANIMA.


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